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Pre-Conference Workshops

Register for the Pre-Conference Workshops

Workshops will be held prior to the start of the 2024 Conference on Tuesday, September 17, 2024.

Separate fee is required and limited space is available for each workshop.

Sponsored by Cloud Star.

Workshop 1: Muzzle Mastery Made Easy

Instructor: Sara McLoudrey, CDBC, CPDT-KSA, Fear Free

Cost: $80

Date: September 17, 2024

Time: 1:00 - 4:00 pm

Location: Riverside Convention Center



This interactive workshop is designed to teach the ins and outs of muzzle training. Participants will go from Muzzle Misery to Mastery and you will be on your way to successfully training clients and their dogs in the art of muzzle magic. Discover the fundamentals of muzzle training, demystify common misconceptions, and provide practical insights into choosing and fitting the right muzzle.

Workshop 2: Safe and Defensive Handling

Instructor: Mara Velez, MA, CPDT-KA

Cost: $80

Date: September 17, 2024

Time:  1:00-4:00 pm

Location:  Riverside Convention Center


In this workshop, participants will learn safe canine handling techniques and practice defensive handling procedures. Participants will discuss risky situations and how to respond appropriately to decrease the chance of handler and dog injury. Attendees will practice using a long line; creating a harness using a slip lead; keeping yourself safe if a dog begins to get aggressive; how to involve a novice handler or passer-by to turn a dangerous situation into a safer one; and how to break-up a dog fight. During this session, participants will be in small groups and engage in a significant amount of hands-on practice with stuffed dogs. All materials needed for the workshop will be provided for the duration of the session.

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