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Keynote Speakers



Opening Keynote

Andre Yeu is the founder of When Hounds Fly Dog Training, responsible for growing it to over 6 locations across Canada, with a talented team of 20 dog trainers and behavior consultants.


He is one of only two Canadians to be part of the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy Faculty, where he delivers the Karen Pryor Academy program and certifies other talented trainers across the country.

Andre is often sought out by the media for his dog training expertise, and has appeared on television programs such as CTV Your Morning, eTalk Daily, Global TV News, and CBC News. In print, he’s often interviewed by publications such as Canadian Living and the Toronto Star.

Andre lives in Toronto, Canada, and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, with Honours, from the University of British Columbia.

Simon Gadbois.jpg

Simon Gadbois, Ph.D.

Closing Keynote

Simon Gadbois integrates ethology, animal experimental psychology (learning theory and olfactory psychophysics mostly), and behavioural neuroscience to study wild and domestic canids. He completed his Ph.D. in behavioural endocrinology at the Canadian Centre for Wolf Research (CCWR) examining the hormonal correlates of social behaviour in wolves, as well as action sequences in wolves, coyotes and red foxes. When the CCWR closed in 2007, he opened his lab at Dalhousie University and focused his research on canine scent processing and search within the framework of two main research programs: biomedical alert, and wildlife conservation canines. He is interested in the fundamental science of olfaction and olfactory learning, applying modern neurobiological and behavioural models of motivation.

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