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Conference Policies

Video/Audio Taping and Photography Policy

APDT reserves all video/audio taping and photography rights at this educational conference. No video or audio taping is permitted in session and workshop rooms.

Cancellation Policies

All conference and workshop cancellations must be emailed to no later than August 19, 2024, for a refund. Conference cancellations received by August 19, 2024, will receive a refund less a $75.00 processing fee. Cancellations emailed after August 19, 2024, and no shows, will not receive a refund.


I understand that my registration fees cover the cost of registration for the days I will be attending. Attendance at limited admission workshops requires additional fees.

Notice About Speakers

Opinions expressed by speakers at the event are their own opinions and do not necessarily represent the view or opinions of the APDT. APDT does not provide technical, software, legal, accounting, tax or other professional services or advice, nor does APDT endorse the accuracy of any opinions or information expressed or provided by speakers at the event.

Conference Dog Attendance Policy and Service Dog Policy

The APDT Board of Directors established that personal dogs are not allowed at our Annual Educational Conference and Trade Show. This decision was based on concern for the safety and comfort of our canine friends and on our conference format. ​Service dogs are an exception to this policy. If you intend to bring a service dog to the conference, you will be asked to review the following information and indicate acceptance of our policies. Service dogs are covered by Federal Law under the ADA. The behavior of a service dog is the responsibility of the dog’s handler at all times and handlers must always be cognizant of their dog’s interactions with people and other animals. Service dogs are expected to be on leash, well-behaved and under the handler’s control, or if the handler is unable to control the dog for a time, under the control of a designated adult individual. If the handler’s disability precludes the use of a leash, harness or other type of tether, the dog must be under the handler’s control using voice cues, hand signals or another means of communication. Please be aware that if your service dog is observed demonstrating aggressive behavior toward a dog or person, you may be asked to remove the dog by the APDT and/or facility and it may not be allowed at the conference. The facility may be obligated to ask you to remove the dog to protect the safety of both people and animals. Aggressive behavior is defined as a constellation of behaviors including: • Hard stares • Hackles up • Pursed lips • Growling • Lunging • Biting Behaviors that may also lead to being asked to remove the dog are behaviors that may disrupt the facility’s ability to conduct business, such as uncontrolled barking, lunging and jumping on people, and bolting from the handler without the ability to be recalled. Service dogs must be house trained, and handlers are responsible for cleaning up after the animal at all times. Our policy allowing service dogs does not cover emotional support, comfort animals and therapy dogs, which are not defined as service animals under Title II and Title III of the ADA. It also does not cover service dogs-in-training when the state laws of the conference location do not allow for service dogs-in-training to have the same public access as service dogs. Please review the state laws for this year’s location to determine if you are eligible to bring a service dog-in-training.

Emergency Illness of Registrant

In the instance of emergency illness of the registrant refunds for general registration (not including fees for workshops, merchandise, etc.) may be granted if a registrant is unable to travel to the conference due to the registrant experiencing a medical emergency where appropriate verification is provided to the APDT office. All such requests must be emailed to by September 17, 2024, to be considered. Approved cancellation requests for a registrant with a medical emergency will be refunded the general registration fee less a $75 processing fee. Requests for refunds under this policy will not be accepted after September 17, 2024.

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