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Speaker Schedule

October 18

1 / Andre Yeu, CPDT-KA, KPA, TAG 

Title: Opening Keynote - Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

2 / Sean Will & Maasa Nishimuta 

Title: Unlocking Happiness: Understanding Emotions from a Dog's Perspective

3 / Dr. Linda Randall, DVM, KPA-CTP & Kathie Nurena, M.D., KPA-CTP, CNWI

Title: Talking Trauma Informed Care: From the Medical Office to the Training Floor

4 / Tiffany Chen

Title: How to create content for social media to attract your ideal client and grow your business

5 / Risë VanFleet, PhD, RPT-S, CDBC, CAEBI

Title: Building Reciprocity into Human-Canine Relationships: Considerations of Empathy, Empowerment, and Enthusiasm in Dogs’ Lives

6 / Ferdie Yau, MA, CPDT-KA

Title: Resilience Conditioning in Shelter Dogs: Building Bounce Back for Life in the Real World

7 / Emma Parsons, KPA-CTP, CDBC

Title: The New Click to Calm!

8 / Karen Deeds, CDBC

Title: Multiple Marker Cues for Behavior and Beyond 

October 19

1 / Sassafras Lowrey, CPDT-KA, CTDI

Title: LGBTQ Sensitivity for Dog Trainers: Being inclusive and welcoming to LGBTQ+ Dog Owners

2 / Allie Bender, CDBC, CPBT-KA, SBA 

Title: Upleveling Your Dog Training Business Using an Enrichment Framework

3 / Ferdie Yau, MA, CPDT-KA

Title: Digging into Aggression Cases? Growing Your Skills to Treat Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

4 / Mandy Eakins, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP 

Title: Be a Dog Trainer They Said...

5 / Panel: Tiffany Chen, Andre Yeu, and Josh Boutelle

Title: From Snail Mail to Email to In Your DMs: The Evolution of Marketing Tactics

6 / Emma Parsons, KPA-CTP, CDBC

Title: The Faulty Behavior Chain: Why the Order We Teach Matters

7 / Sean Will & Maasa Nishimuta

Title: Gimme Shelter: Enhancing the Lives of Animals and the People Who Care for Them with a Constructional Approach

8 / Dr. Amy Learn, VMD, DACVB, IAABC-CABC

Title: Home Alone: How to Help Your Canine Patients Survive Being Alone

9 / Josh Boutelle, CDBC, CSAT

Title: Marketing Good Education While Marketing Your Business

10 / Sassafras Lowrey, CPDT-KA, CTDI

Title: Trick Training

October 20

1 / Emily Dutrow, Ph.D.

Title: Domestic Dog Lineages Reveal Genetic Drivers of Behavioral Diversification

2 / Marsha Penner, Ph.D., KPA-CTP, CPDT-KA

Title: 'Impulse Control' from a Neuroscience Perspective

3 / Dr. Amy Learn, VMD, DACVB, IAABC-CABC

Title: The Mysterious World of Canine Health and Behavior: How the Body and Brain Work Together.

4 / Laurie Williams, CPDT-KA CCUI CTDI

Title: Small Dog Big Feelings - Working with Fear, Shyness, and Reactivity in Small Dogs 

5 / Megan Stanley, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA

Title: Building Puppy Programs for Lifelong Clients

6 / Simon Gadbois, Ph.D.

Title: Closing Keynote - Incentive Motivation and Incentive Learning: Can We Train Motivation?

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