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Ferdi Yau session APDT 2023

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Use these tip to stay connected with APDT and other dog trainers attending the 2024 Annual Conference. Also, make sure to follow APDT to stay up-to-date on conference, speakers, events and more!

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Social Media Badges

Spread the word with your clients, family and friends that you're attending the 2024 APDT Annual Conference! These social media badges are designed to fit any social media platform and can be used as a profile picture as well! Make sure to mention the Association of Professional Dog Trainers in your post and hashtag #APDT2024 for a chance to be featured on our social media.

2024 Social Media Badge
2024 Conf SM badge opt1

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Stay in the know! Subscribe to the APDT Communications list to receive our emails regarding conference, workshops, and special features, as well as our exclusive conference daily emails giving you real-time information during the event. 

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